How do I set Min Levels on Items?

With Sortly, regardless of your plan, you gain the invaluable capability to establish minimum inventory thresholds, empowering you to visually monitor when stocks are running low or require replenishment. 

In this article, we'll delve into the various aspects of managing minimum inventory levels:

Setting Min Levels

You have the flexibility to set minimums individually or in bulk for efficient management of your inventory.

Individual Setting

Navigate to the edit screen of the respective item to assign a minimum level directly.




Bulk Setting

Easily select multiple items to establish minimum thresholds across your inventory swiftly. For more information on Bulk Actions, please see this article: How to Bulk Edit Items and Folders.



Additionally, if you prefer to receive email alerts upon hitting a threshold, you can configure this notification by enabling the alert through the bell icon after setting the minimum level.



Viewing Min Levels

Item View

Once minimums are configured, you can click on the Item to see the min level




Advanced Search View

From the Advanced Search, you can identify items below or above their min levels (Desktop Only)

Low Stock Report View

You can also view the Low Stock report to see items below their min levels



Dashboard View

Get a comprehensive overview of minimum inventory levels directly from your dashboard on the desktop.



Exporting Items with Min Levels

Sortly enables seamless export of minimum inventory values, ensuring comprehensive data management. Whether you prefer CSV, Excel, or PDF, Sortly allows you to include minimum levels when exporting your inventory data.

Learn More: Explore further insights on exporting data here.

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